Breakfast at the Shangri La Singapore

Exceptional Service at the Shangri La Valley Wing Singapore

A weekend getaway to Singapore from Bangkok is always on the cards. Flights are as cheap as you want to look (think Jetstar, Air Asia, Thai Lion Air) and have great arrival/departure times as well. This time round we got to stay at the Shangri La Hotel, but not just that, we stayed in the prestigious Valley Wing of the establishment. I have to agree with their wording that “the Valley Wing epitomises the very best of luxury accommodation”. From the moment you step out of the cab, all worries disappear as the staff have undivided attention on you. The …

Got Myself a New Logo

I thought it was time to get myself a logo and start having proper branding for my photography business! Initially I thought it would be good to call it the cliche Tom Barrett Photography, but after seeing the mock-up of the logo, it just seemed too messy. Not too sure why, but turquoise has quickly become my favourite colour recently and couple that with the soothing of grey, and we have a winner! Now you can see the logo displayed proudly on the top left corner of my website! Soon will come the business cards; Although I still have quite …

Model comp card

I’ve Made It! (Stolen Image)

I guess I can say that I made it to the big leagues when people start stealing your images and plastering a brand name over the top of it without my written consent or even knowledge of it! I recently stumbled on an image that I took a while ago on an agency website. It looks so familiar, and then it struck me. It was my image! I’m not sure weather it is the actual agency/model that put on the La Senza logo on top to try and mimic an ad or if La Senza actually just stole my image …

Bar area at Casa Azul

Quick Snaps of Casa Azul

I had my camera on me when I went to visit Casa Azul Mexican Restaurant in Soi Ari here in Bangkok and decided to do some quick snaps of the gorgeous place. Shooting with an ultra wide angle lens is definitely the way to go with interior! Note, that these are only snaps, not an actual professional shoot!

Locals having a good time on the back of a van

Looking Back To Africa

Ah! While looking through my Lightroom archives I always make sure to sneak a click or two in my Africa album. It was such an eye opener for me to be able to photograph animals in their natural habitat in such a faraway place. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was asked to fly (business class mind you!) on Kenya Airways to Tanzania by the Royal Bangkok Sports Club to do an article for their magazine. I got so excited and wanted to do my best, I rented a telephoto lens just for the occasion (EF 70-200mm f/4L IS …

Moved On From 500px

Decided it was time to upgrade my portfolio website once and for all. My time on 500px has come to an end, even though I still had around 6 months left on my Awesome account which I paid for. It was fun while it lasted, but the SEO on their site is just terrible and I quickly slipped from first page of Google all the way to the fifth. Needless to say, there was a huge drop in visitors. Their tech support is pretty fast, but alas, the website just wasn’t too Google friendly. And that’s all that matters nowadays!