A Stroll Through Old Bangkok

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A Stroll Through Old Bangkok

OK, this couple was just adorable to shoot. I went to meet them at the trendy Sala Rattanakosin Hotel right across from The Temple of Dawn. Of course we couldn’t just leave without shooting a few shots with Wat Arun in the background. It was a photo begging to happen.

Across from the temple of dawn

Just chilling across from The Temple of Dawn. Ryan and Elias did mention that they haven’t done something like this before but we got straight to to business and everything was all natural! I made sure to be out of their way when they were interacting and just captured the purest moments.

Ryan had found me on a directory amongst other Bangkok photographers and luckily I stood out from the crowd! He emailed me just over a month before the actual shooting date and was able to lock something in easily. – The wonders of planning ahead!
Giving coins at Temple of reclining buddha

Of course at a location such as Wat Pho, there were always going to be crowds of people that unknowingly walk into the shots. We kept our cool and carried on though. I learned to wait for the right moment and crop them out from the shots.

We bounced around a few places within the area, but the main part was walking through The Temple of the Reclining Buddha. You simply can’t go on a holiday to Bangkok without getting some memorable photos with the giant Buddha statue.
Wat pho couple photo

There’s certainly a few hidden spots in Wat Pho that other tourists ignore. Their loss was definitely our gain though, as we got to secluded places to shoot some awesome photos. I guess the crowd mainly comes to see the reclining buddha and then leave.