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Norwegian Road Trip

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Norwegian Road Trip

The idea all started in a cramped 50 square meter high-rise condominium, dead center of the Metropolis that is Bangkok. It was decided that we were to leave the hustle and bustle of big city and book a flight to somewhere far, somewhere that would bring joyous tears to our eyes everywhere we looked. The search for beauty and grandiose was on.
There were many wonderful destinations to pick from. We bickered and gave each other Powerpoint presentations in our heads about which place would be best, but we eventually ended up with The Land of the Midnight Sun. And the only way to experience this majestic nation was to road trip it and camp along the way. We felt like teenagers again, about to explore something that was relatively unknown to us.
Daylight was on our side; we took our time and appreciated every road curve that revealed a glorious view of the lush greenery of the snowcapped mountains on our Norwegian road trip. Waterfalls came gushing down on either side of the E6 motorway that runs from North to South of Norway. It was as if the stunning views were trying to outdo each other as we drove through them. We were simply spectators to Mother Nature’s greatest achievement.
Most of the journey was to just go with the flow, although we had a couple of adventures that the trip was planned around: kayaking and glacier walk was on the agenda. The ice-cold chill was completely welcomed as it juxtaposed our over-bearing life back home. Each stroke of the paddle through the Styggevatnet lake was a jab at what we left behind – temporarily anyway. Once we reached the mouth of the Austdalsbreen Glacier and clamped on our crampons, our mouths became a little dryer and self-doubt began to creep in. Was this safe? Is this doable? Has there been an accident before? After the first few initial baby steps, it was clear – although this might not be the proverbial ‘walk in the park’ – that we were as safe as we could be with the right pros guiding us over this epic mass of 1000-odd year old glacier.
The trip wouldn’t have been complete without a pit-stop off at the Geirangerfjord, home of the thundering waters of the Seven Sisters Waterfall. Camping overnight and listening to the sounds of nature rumbling all night long with only a sheet of tent material between you and the outside world is really something that needs to be felt.
The Norwegian road trip surpassed our wildest expectations. We eagerly await the right time of year again to retrace as well as reroute through the meandering splendor.

Bryggen in Bergen, Norway

The iconic Bryggen by the harbour in Bergen. Of course we had to take a picture here!

Camping in Geiranger camping grounds

Camping here overnight was definitely worth the effort! The sound of the powerful waterfalls around put me straight to sleep in our tiny tent.

Viewpoint above Geiranger Fjord.

There’s a few fantastic viewpoints that overlooks Geiranger Fjords. Too bad the Seven Sisters was just around the corner!

Crossing the cracks of the Norwegian glaciers

It was blistering cold to go glacier walking and there was also the dangers of falling and slipping through cracks.

Our group traversing the 1000 year old glacier.

We were tied closely together with the whole group, in case one of us slipped!

The E6 is just sublime in Norway.

The roads were endless. It that is not a complaint! Every turn showed us something different. Heck, even if it was all the same, I would take it!

A log cabin sitting by the lake.

This was a photo waiting to be taken!