Couple at Asiatique

Bangkok Vacation Photography

Bangkok Vacation Photography

It’s been a hectic past couple of months here in Bangkok! The influx of tourists during the cooler months have given me a lot of photography work. Especially the kind that I love; Vacation photography!
If you’re not in the know, it’s basically when you go on a holiday to another country you contact and hire a local photographer that knows the venue off by heart to photograph you. It’s sometimes called destination photography as well. There are usually certain packages you can choose from depending on how much your budget and time constraints are. Definitely one of the better ways to spice up those trip pictures for everyone to be jealous of 😀

Nok Usanee at the river with Seamus

Miss Usanee Wattana (Nok) hanging out wit her man at the Chao Phraya.

Beautiful Scottish family at Grand Palace

A wonderful Scottish couple and their little one visited the Grand Palace on a boiling day and got some amazing shots!

A couple in Thai temple

A couple sharing a moment

Grand Palace in Bangkok

A couple enjoy their peace and quiet – Was actually on a VERY crowded day, but we managed to capture the essence of the Grand Palace while making it look like they were the only ones there!

Kisses at the ferris wheel

Perfect lighting from the sunset by the ferris wheel in Asiatique. Doesn’t get better than this!

So if you guys (that includes you that live here in Bangkok as well) are looking to have beautiful memories captured, be sure to reach out. I’m always available!